Sunday, October 03, 2010

Project Bike

The project bike is coming along slower than I would like, I have managed to get it looking like a standard bike again by replacing the parts discarded by the previous owner in his quest to make it a touring bike.
My biggest headache has been the carbs as they were filthy inside with rust, corrosion, dirt and gravel and a healthy dose of stinking stale gasoline residue.
I attempted to clean them myself and ordered carb parts to do the job but I failed in keeping the carbs from leaking like a sieve and gave up on the original carbs as I have had them on and off the bike and apart at least ten times in order to make them stop leaking and work adequately.
I bought a set of complete carbs off E-bay thinking I could just bolt them on and I would be away. When I received the carbs a quick check in the bowls seemed to indicate that they were in good shape and should work. They were in far better shape than the originals that I had taken off the bike, but alas they proved to have the same faults as the originals.
After some doubts, deliberations and anxious thoughts of cheapness, I have decided to take them to a mechanic to see if he can rebuild and get the bike running properly.
I have to make sure the bike will run properly before preceding with the next steps of new brakes, new tires, new mufflers and maybe a new paint job.
I got into this project cheap but I won't be getting out cheap as this thing is a money pit like most of these bright ideas. At first I thought if I couldn't make the bike viable I could just part it out and make my money back or a small profit, but I am way beyond that now.

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Anonymous said...

you should have sent them off to or bought his video on carb rebuilding. The best way to clean carbs like these is to find someone with ultra sonic cleaner. Plus they come out looking like new. if you look up the naked goldwing sight you ll find lots of help and info there.