Saturday, March 20, 2010

I hate Motorcycles..........

That don"t run and look like crap, so I bought one.

And this one fit the bill, look at it, it looks crappy with that white fairing and white lidless saddle bags. I don't think a guy can have too many motorcycles so I picked this one up for a project bike and what a project it is becoming. If you think you can get into this kind of thing cheap and enjoy some trouble free riding you are in for a shock and some sticker shock.

First things first, off with the fairing, to the dump with those scuzzy looking saddlebags. But then I find out I need to replace the taillight mounts the headlight bucket, brackets and front signal lights not to mention after sitting for a few years in an abandoned granary it don't run so good any more.

Looks better after a bath and those hideous looking white attachments banished to obscurity, but lots of work to do yet. The carwash didn't wash the rust off the mufflers or make a dent in the deeply embedded dirt hiding under the frame and plastics. And it didn't make it run any better either.

After a generous supply of carb cleaner and Sea Foam in a furtive attempt to clear the carbs did I realize that the carbs had to be removed and cleaned. And what a cleaning they needed, after years of running up and down a gravel road they managed to accumulate enough gravel and sand in the float bowls to start their own road project.

Carb removal on a wing is not for the faint hearted and after a brief struggle with the linkage and getting the carb pack to clear the frame and out did I get a look at the mess I thought I was going to fix with Sea Foam.

Cleaning was done with carb cleaner spray and some very fine wires to clean out the ports and I was very careful not to re-adjust the settings well it sat on the bench. Then after another brief struggle and colorful words sprayed at random around the shop I managed to re-attach the carbs, and what can I say other than it ran great, but the brushes in the starter decided to give out and it hasn't been running since I am still waiting for the parts to arrive to fix the starter.

While waiting for various parts to arrive from various parts of the northern hemisphere, I managed to score some new rear signal lights, headlight bucket and brackets and get all the signal lights and headlight working as well as attaching some new driving lights to the front of the bike.

My goal this year is just to get it up and running good and make sure it is going to be a reliable ride but I am still waiting for starter brushes, hand grips, windshield and a test ride.

Maybe next year I can address some new mufflers, some new paint and some new tires for the project but stay tuned I will update later on my progress.


Ryan said...

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I just started a blog like yours documenting my mishaps as a Goldwing owner. I would like to link your blog to mine if that is okay with you.

My address is: if you want to check it out.

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jim said...

Always great to see another CX rider.

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BaSH PR0MPT said...

I bought a Yamaha Dragstar that was all grandpa'd up. Saddle bags, sissy bars, the works. The guy who sold it to me was apalled when he tried to use them as selling points and I said "Mate, I like girls." I also suggested if they're that much of a selling point, give me an allan key and I'll take the fuckers off and they can keep them. Long story short, he insisted I keep them and put them back on to 'increase the bikes value'. Needless to say, they're fucking gone. No bike deserves to be abused with pussy accessories or fairings. The results? Click on my username in this comment and go to my photobucket for the bike and enjoy.