Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Image if you will, shedding every item you own, every problem you have, every burden you carry, every issue that haunts you, and becoming a free thinking, free riding, free man.
Image if you unpacked the bike you packed and retained only the things you really needed to survive on the bike. All you really need to survive is air to breath, water to drink and something to eat, the rest is just clutter. Add in some clothes to wear, cooking utensils, camping gear and some cash to buy gas and you will be completely outfitted to take the motorcycle ride of a lifetime.
Riding a motorcycle unencumbered by clutter, devoid of a befuddled mind and a yearning to learn is as close to being free as you can get.


Motorbike Accident Compensation said...

Very deep- I love reading your blog.

Adri said...

Like this. Hope to see you blogging again this season. Please check out my site and msg me if you'd like to exchange links!