Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Very First Motorcycle

It only happens to you once in a lifetime, and that is the joy of owning your first motorcycle.

It happened for my friend Jayden today and I was quite happy he stopped to give me a look and without hesitation offered me a short test drive.
I was impressed with the little bike and it was surprisingly comfortable to drive, with an ample seat, automatic drive, and integrated front and rear brakes. The fat bob tires smooth out the ride as it has a rigid suspension with loads of fender clearance.
It is powered by a 196cc four stroke Honda clone engine, and has a rope start, chain drive, giant headlight and kill switch on the handlebars.
When Jayden arrived the engine was warm as I think he had been riding the back alleys ever since they got the new bike home.
There is already talk of some serious modifications, which would include a sissy bar, custom exhaust, and making the bike street legal.
I think I was in my mid thirties when I got my first bike but I remember my smile was just as broad as Jaydens is today.