Monday, July 21, 2008

Looking for Mr Goodbike

What an idiot I am.
I sold my bike and now am on the outside looking in. I stare with awe and bewilderment as I watch people on motorcycles whizzing by on the road, just like when I was a newbie with no motorcycle.
My grand plan to upgrade to a newer and bigger motorcycle ground to a halt as I seem to have hit a sellers market and everything I like and crave is beyond my monetary reach.
Of course not being able to make up my mind and determine what kind of bike I am looking for has cramped my motorcycle shopping.
My mind changes on a hourly basis as to whether I want a cruiser or a touring bike. I believe this may be some kind of mid-life-motorcycle crisis where my motorcycle hormones are raging out of control.
As the riding season slips away my motorcycleless induced bout of insanity slowly drags me into thoughts of rapture as I envision the possibilities of bikes that I will never own and then the thunderous crash of reality hits me as I look at the rats nest of possible mechanics specials that are awaiting me if I make a poor choice.
Motorcycle shopping is not easy, it should be though, last time I bought I went into the dealers and he had one choice for me and I bought it.
Simple and easy, the way it should be.


fairings said...

whatever i do, i just can't configure it right!

Anonymous said...

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Jabed Morshed said...
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Anonymous said...

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Kyuudousha said...

I would go for a Triumph if you can get one. Soemthing around the mid 90's era as they are vitually bullet proof. They also look good and handle (as well as 15 year old technology will allow anyway) I wouldn't swap mine for, well, anything really. Okay, maybe the new Speed Triple which is possibly the best looking production bike in the world at the moment...