Friday, June 27, 2008

Motorcycle For Sale

On Jun 27, 2008, wrote:
You've received the following reply to your "1981 Honda Silverwing" Ad on Kijiji:
From: lloydsmith@XXXX

I cant beleive you are selling your namesake, I have been a fan of your website, are you upgrading.
Oh man, I never thought any one would notice.
Yes as much as I like the little wing I feel it is time to upgrade to a newer bike, I wish I had the money to keep the silverwing and a newer bike but I need the money from the old bike to buy a new one.
I plan to keep on blogging only with a different bike, I will still blog under silverwinger as its not easy to start out again.
I still haven't sold the bike yet and am in no hurry to give it away so who knows I may have it forever.
But thanks for the e-mail, it is nice to know you were reading the blog even though I am not very regular with posting.
My latest post is about some Nigerian scammers e-mailing me about the bike.
I don't really have a lot of money to throw around and in fact when I bought the Silverwing I purchased it with my Mastercard and just recently got it paid off after three years. I planned to sell the silverwing and put another $2,500 on the master card again and try to buy a newer or bigger bike.
I first thought about a Goldwing but then got caught up in the Harley Hysteria{too expensive} and am now leaning towards a Yamaha V-star.
Currently I am eyeing a 1985 Goldwing with low miles, or a 2000 V-star 1100. The V-star is quite intriguing as it looks more like a Harley than a Harley does, and is better built.

Hey, I think I just got a new posting for my blog.

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