Monday, September 10, 2007

Motorcycle Camping

In order to enjoy your camping you have to pack your bike to the nuts with all the things you may need to make life comfortable. Saddlebags, trunk, and a tank bag can accomodate a lot of your stuff, plus you can pile more on top if need be. Thats where a good supply of bungee cords or cargo netting strap comes in handy.
When planning for motorcycle camping, smaller is better and most camping outlet stores have smaller items that are perfect for motorcycle camping. One burner stove, small lantern, folding fry pan, pots with folding handles, paper plates and plastic cutlery will all do the job for you. Think small and buy accordingly and you can pack everything you need.

I even manage to carry a fold up camping chair with me, because one my pet peeves is that when you arrive at the campsight the only place to sit is on the ground or at the picnic table.


AtlasRider said...

Equipment intended for hikers are ideal for motorcycle camping. My three bulkiest items are my sleeping bag, tent and sleeping pad. Besides that, I can cram everything else here and there. I have been thinking about getting a chair. What kind do you use?

Silverwinger said...

I have an armless fold up chair that comes with its own bag, just a little bigger than a small tent, but worth the space and trouble of carrying it.

Judy said...

Greeat place. Love your page. Yes you really need to do some handy packing to make it all fit.

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Patio Furniture said...

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Motorcycle Riding Schools said...

I think they're right! Some of gears you use for hiking are perfect for motorcycle camping s well. You didn't know you might find some time to do a little hike.