Monday, September 03, 2007

Logan Pass-Going to the Sun Highway

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Ian, Darcy and I met up at Grants house in Calgary and started our five day-three-state-two province tour which would include Logans Pass, also known as "The Going To The Sun Highway".

With fresh faces and no lasting hang overs, we assembled the packed and ready bikes and crew for the obligatory line-up and photo op. Seems to be some one missing, never mind he is taking the photo.

We burned a lot of rubber heading south out of Calgary on Highway 2 heading for our lunch stop at Fort MacLeod. I held the big Silverwing back and took up the rear riding position as I expected to have to stop and pick up Yamaha and Harley parts along the way.

Nanton was our first breather stop where we could stretch our legs, scratch our butts and take a picture of an airplane on a stick.

After crossing into Montana, which has some of the best motorcycle roads on earth, we stopped to load the bikes with cheap beer, gas and smokes.

We entered Waterton National Park from the eastern side, stopped and had another photo op, after paying the $12.00 entry fee. I must have intimidated the attendant at the gate as he over charged me outrageously and then had to refund me twice.
The first few miles of the park are rather tame, but a scenic ride none the less.

This stopping point over looking the lake is your first hint of what is to come.

Lots of curves and twister's along the way but the amount of traffic thru the park curtails any canyon carving.

The road that was first blasted thru the mountains in the thirties slowly descends along some sheer cliffs and even the local mountain goats get nervous.

Lots of bike traffic carving its way past the tunnels and waterfalls along the route. Even if you had the road to yourself you would be going slow gawking at the marvelous scenery.

Lots of little pull offs to take a peek over the edge and shoot some pics.

Had a little construction delay that only amounted to about 10 minutes. Had to curtail my nasty smoking habit as there was a fire ban on with a no smoking in the park policy and the cruiser behind us looked ready to enforce the law.

Even the construction stopping spots offer up a great view. They were rebuilding some of the retaining walls.

Logans Pass has to be one of the most scenic rides you will find anywhere, with deep gorges and towering mountains.

After the pass and a night in Kalispel, we headed west towards Libby and Bonners Ferry, Idaho where we consulted the map and looked for the most scenic route.

Great stopping spots along the Thompson Lakes region on Highway 2, Montana.

North of Newport Washington where we found a great little road that took us back up to Canada. Highway 41 north is not a very heavily used road but it was a surprise to us as what a great motorcycle road it turned out to be, if you get the chance check it out.

We wimped out when we made it to Fernie B.C. and stayed in a motel for the night rather than taking a camping spot. In the morning a photo op presented itself and we indulged.

After getting back into Canada the ride to Creston B.C. was another great motorcycle road.

Last day heading home we stopped for a break, some were reluctant to come this route through the Crowsnest Pass as the last time we were thru here in September we were stopped two days in a motel with no power because of an early snow storm. Thankfully this year there was no snow and we made it through.

Just short of Longview Alberta we stopped to suit up as it had been threatening to rain and the low dark clouds ahead had lots of rain in them. We ended up riding the last two hundred miles home in a steady down pour.


Live2Ride said...

Wow - awesome pics! Great blog as always. Thanks for the link - I'll do the same as soon as I can.

yamaha raptor 700 review said...

What an adventure! I enjoy viewing the compilation of your pics. Thanks for sharing.

Greatpinkbike said...

Great story but no news on the bear! How come the good looking red bike is not featured more - can an entire blog be devoted to that person?

Greatpinkbike said...

Great story but no news on the bear! How come the good looking red bike is not featured more - can an entire blog be devoted to that person?

Annie said...

What do you guys think about these? We are considering buying one of these -

These 50 cc motorcycles have DOT, EPA and CARB certification. Would love to have your opinion. Thanks!


MyChopperBlog said...


I have a 81 SilverWing, and the last time it went on a long ride was the same trip as you described here. Over th road to the sun and into Waterton park. My wife rode the wing and I rode my Harley. Good times, and a good ride. How many miles are on your Wing?

Anonymous said...

Hey, Long Time!!! Where are you lost?

By the way, the MotoCycle Corp guys are running a contest for Tony Stewart Moto 50.

Grand prize winner will be selected on Daytona 2008. Looks cool! The ad is on their homepage:

Mustang said...

Wow.. Gents, you truly have a fine blog outlining some real breathtaking pictures.

Im from india and those photo op sessions sure did give a nice view..

Ride safe all

Mustang said...

and yes, back home in India, im a biker too. Here we ride the "Royal Enfield". I ride with a club called the madras bulls (

if your passion brings you down to india sometime on a ride, it would be great to catch up...

In the meantime, will look to more tales of your rides.



Anonymous said...

Yamaha Raptor 700R looks sweet as. I have seen alot of these on the road and have always wondered how much quad bike insurance would set me back. but my local councils have been clamping down on off road activities by building fences around popular dirt tracks so I'm not sure how much use I would have for a quad bike in my area.

FAPORT International said...

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FAPORT International said...

Nice views, awesome pictures, very nice blog i like it...