Sunday, April 01, 2007

Red Deer Motorcycle Swap Meet

It was a long and cold ride to the annual springtime Motorcycle swap meet in Red Deer this past Saturday. In fact it was so cold and miserable with a forecast of snow that I took the truck instead of the bike.
Not many bikes in the parking lot either and but a few local diehards did ride their cycles to the meet.
There was not as many bikes there as I thought there would be but I did spy a couple of nice choppers.
The place was packed with people by the time I got there and it was hard getting close to some of the tables to have a good look at all the chrome and leather for sale.
Lots of vendors with lots of nice stuff but as usual it was mostly Harley Davidson with a smattering of Asian and English bike stuff . As it turned out I never bought a thing at the swap meet even though I had filled my pockets with some cash.

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