Sunday, April 15, 2007

Finally Got To Ride

After suffering through a couple of weeks of cold weather including a week of fresh snow I finally got the bike out for a ride.
It wasn't without some minor setbacks and repairs as I had to do the same as Broke Down Suzuki Rider and remove and clean my carbs.
I took the bike out for a small ride around town on Saturday and noticed there was fuel overflowing onto the ground. Sticky needle and seat on one of the carbs so Saturday I removed the carbs and cleaned them with some carb cleaner.
BDSR came over on Sunday afternoon and we took a little ride up to the Halkirk Hotel and enjoyed a cool beverage with the saloon owner and one of his faithful patrons.
Just a short little jaunt as the weather was still on the cool side but the bike ran great with no more fuel marking the ground.


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