Sunday, February 18, 2007

Motorcycle Camping - Life Outdoors

Next to my love of motorcycling is my love of camping.
There is nothing like being out on the open road miles from home and living and sleeping out of a tent. Sometimes it is not easy as the weather will drench you to the bone or send deep shivers of cold as the temperatures dips even further as your road speed increases.
But once you get that fresh air feeling from being out in the elements all day, it is a natural extension to stay in the great outdoors.

One of the drawbacks of motorcycling camping is the amount of gear you have to lug around with you and packing the bike is an art all unto itself. I crossed the continent twice on this 1980 Honda CX500 loaded to the nuts and had everything I needed for a comfortable camping experience.

One of the first things you learn is that all of your gear has to be small but functional, you can't take the big old family tent, rather you must find an adequate pup tent. I made the mistake of buying a too small tent and took it along un-tried and found to my discomfort that my air mattress, sleeping bag, me and my clothes bag did not fit. The secret is not to find the smallest tent but the one that will fold up into a small bundle. A single air mattress fills the bill as it will keep you off the ground and if a rain storm develops through the night and floods your campground and your tent floor you will be high and dry and keep your sleeping bag from soaking up the rain water.

Everyone who bikes and camps does it differently, some eat all there meals in restaurants going to the campground late and just sleeping at their campsite. I like to stop early before all the campgrounds are filled, set up camp at a leisurely pace and cook my own evening meal. After a full day in the saddle this is a pleasure to do and as most bikers will tell you, you will get lots of interruptions as other campers in motorhomes, trailers and cages always like to come over and admire the bikes and chat you up about how envious they are of you for being adventurous enough to hit the open road on a motorcycle.

I also like to have a cup of coffee in the morning as I usually arise early and scan the campground for activity from the luxury campers. There is nothing like being the only one up and awake at that hour of the morning enjoying a cup of brew and a smoke with the sun shining brightly as the early morning haze lifts. Small cooking and eating utensils are easily available and a one burner stove is easy to pack along with a small coffee pot, pot and fry pan. I never feel the need to eat haute-cuisine on the road as time on the road is more important than adding on the calories.

The one thing that I really missed on my camping-biking trips is a chair to sit in when arriving at camp. The only two options available were sitting on the picnic table provided at the site, sitting on the ground, the bike or a stump if firewood is available. After a long hard day in the saddle a chair would be appreciated and I have solved that by finally finding a small camp chair that folds up neatly and is easy to pack on the bike. Sometimes when camping, fire wood is available and of course the fire at night provides all the light and heat one needs to recant the days ride. Getting the wood chopped is no small feat with a hatchet but neighbours are usually more than willing to help you out.

Once in awhile a well equipped campground like a KOA is a must stop to freshen up with a shower, do a little laundry and maybe even use the pool. Such was the case while traversing through Missouri and getting caught in a torrential thunderstorm where we were soaked to the skin in a matter of minutes as we did not get off the interstate in time. So we pulled into a KOA early in the afternoon spread all our gear out in the sun to dry and washed up our laundry.

The season that you ride will determine if you can camp or have to motel it. Late in the season when the days are warm but the nights are cold it makes more sense to motel it while travelling but during the heat of the spring and summer months camping is thoroughly enjoyable.

When you are on the bike and riding the roads through small towns and villages it is as if you have escaped the bounds of reality only choosing to drop in when you need to stop for gas or lodging and then with a twist of the throttle you are out of their reality and back into your own. Even camping is an alternate reality that is not compatible with the residents of the nearby town and by camping you remain on your route with the highway not far from your tent.

Hotels and motels always remain an option on a motorcycle camping trip if the weather turns but if you want the full experience there is nothing like living your whole motorcycle experience out in the bare elements


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