Saturday, April 08, 2006

Photo Blog of First Ride of the Year

Got the bike out of winter storage last week, had to drag it over a couple of snow banks to get it to the shop so I could charge the battery and bring it back to life for another year.

Can't go too far as I need a new rear tire again, they only have a life span of about 6,000km or so, and the one I got on the bike shows no tread at all.

But I did manage a small ride around town to take a few pics.

You come across all kinds of things in a small town, so it was not unusual to see a tractor parked out on the front lawn. Seems to be one of those photos where you have to pick out what does not belong in the picture, the tractor, the bike or the snow.
And with the snow melt there is an abundance of water everywhere. I biked around town and this was the best reflection shot I could get, the background is not that great.

This is maybe the one of the shortest rail lines in Canada as they took the tracks out years ago and all that is left is the granary which was saved as a museum piece and they left enough track to park an old caboose, cattle car and grain car. They had the tracks out before they could get an engine in there and now will have to truck one in to complete the mini train.

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