Friday, March 17, 2006


Welcome to my new blog.

This hopefully will be a journal of my motorcycles, my friends motorcycles and the road trips that we have taken and will take in the future.

Thats me posing in front of the Last Chance Saloon in Wayne Alberta, a small trip Darcy, Grant and I went on last summer. It wasn't a huge trip, just a jaunt around Alberta, to get in some riding time.

Darcy had been to this bar before, but it was a first for me. It seems it is a popular destination for local bikers as the road is windy and the terrain spectacular, as it is located in the Drumheller valley. Buffalo burgers and beer was so good we visited the place twice.

So this is how it starts, the blogging stuff, more to come and along with the bike stuff sometimes a guy can throw in a little philosophy, politics and sports just to make it more interesting.

Feel free to browse the site and comments are welcomed.

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